Good Habits Android App

GoodHabits is a new Android app that I’ve been working on.  Its kinda like a friendly coach. Its goal is to help you adapt good habits by motivating you to maintaing long running streaks of repeated uses. Let’s say you feel great after just coming back from jogging and realize that you want to do this more often. You log the habit usage in the app and it will then keep track of your stats and high scores in a playful manner.

Assuming you logged the activity 3 x time, GoodHabits will tell you: “Great! 3 is your highscore. Can you also go 5 times?”. Once you managed to go 5 times, it will start pressing you to beat 10 times and so on, always making sure that you have a new goal in sight. More importantly though it picks up your usage pattern. Let’s say you always go jogging on Tuesdays, the app will recognize this and start maintaining a separate high score just for this pattern and try to motivate you to continue with that streak. Should you fail to maintain your streak, GoodHabits will motivate you to pick up the pattern again by showing you how far you had come previously.

You can manage as many habits as you like. When you start the app you will always be presented with an overview of all habits that you are tracking. The list is sorted in a way that the most relevant habits for you right now are at the top. So when you just logged a habit use, the habit moves out of view towards the bottom of the list, since you probably don’t want to repeat it until at least the next day.

The app was born out of my personal habit forming system that I’ve been using in different variations for about three years now. The basic idea is that the app does its job without you having to set up complex time patterns. It automatically detects what you are already doing and helps you in continuing that activity, so that it can become a long running habit at some point. And it does this in a friendly manner, emphasizing your achievements, instead of complaining about failed goals.

This is just a first iteration of the app. Please let me know what you think about the idea. For now its just an experiment to play around some more in the area of life tracking and habit forming, but I have quite a few ideas, so look forward to new versions. I hope you enjoy the app. You can now find it on the android market.